The double chance prediction displayed in this category give the bettor an opportunity to select two possible outcomes to a match with a reduced risk of losing a bet


ENGLAND: Southampton v Stoke (1X)

Why Double Chance Prediction?

Double Chance prediction permits you to make selections covering two out of three possible outcomes in any football match.If you chose Home Win or Draw H(W/d), you win if the Home team actually wins or draws the match.Away Win or Draw A(W/d) you win of the Away team wins or draws the match.

Double chance prediction in sports investment is usually used by investors who want to back the least favorite team or want to play safe.

A Double Chance investment is a great alternative to selecting a market choice which only covers one outcome. The Double Chance prediction market is very popular in sports investment, because provided that you can evaluate a match option in which a team is fairly not likely to be defeated, then you can protect yourself with the other options which are a win and draw, by putting them together into one ticket.

Therefore, a Double Chance prediction investment is in essence a Win or Draw selection on a particular football team, which will win, provided that the team backed in the investment doesn’t lose the match. The investment would be won if the side that was supported either wins or draws. This is a great method of spreading your bank balance if you cannot make a decision on whether your favorite side would draw out rightly or get a straight win. This is a predominantly practical option for supporting stronger sides playing away from home.

A good percentage of investors choose double chance prediction on least favorite teams when they feel that the odds presented on the least favorite represent a good value for their money or that the opposing team have been ‘wrongfully’ made favorites by the bookies

Is Double Chance prediction Worth It?

Double Chance prediction is definitely worth it if you have a small bank and want to play safely. Although the odds might not be very large, it is usally good for novice investors to start from this category in their journey into sports investment

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